Translator Working Methods

Quality standards

We are convinced that continuous improvement is vital to our success.

We ensure compliance with our procedures to guarantee optimal translation quality, regardless of the number of words to translate.

A project manager is assigned to your project. They allocate the translation project to the translator. They also manage questions / terminology requests. Professional translators only translate into their mother tongue.

All translations are proofread and reviewed by a second translator and any corrections are validated by the initial translator. This makes sure that the translation is faithful to the source text, uses the correct terminology and reads well in the target language.

Rest assured that your texts will be translated by professional translators, who are native speakers. We do not believe that automatic translation (Google Translate, Systran, etc.) is currently capable of providing adequate quality.
But our translators do use the latest “Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT)” tools. This software is based on “translation memories” that show translators sentences that have previously been translated. Using this technology ensures that both terminology and style is consistent across all documents.

Our translation firm wants to work with you to produce translations that are consistent with the terminology used in your field. Our translators work with you to compile a glossary for your institution. The terms are added throughout translation. Translators propose terms which are then validated by you.

A dedicated translation workflow can be accessed by our translators and your company to better manage your translation projects.

The translators working with our translation agency know that meeting deadlines is vital for the success of your communications campaign. That is why we have introduced tools to monitor your job. You can therefore monitor the exact progress of your translations, regardless of the translator in charge of your project.

Better project monitoring:

To react quickly to any potential issues.To guarantee the quality of the translations provided.

We adapt our working methods to your business and processes in line with your productivity!