Our translation company guarantees outstanding quality

Your documents reflect your company. Every word and expression has been carefully crafted for its impact.
We understand what is at stake. Our translators will support you through the translation of all your documents.

We work in all technical, scientific, legal, financial, industrial and business fields. Rely on our team of professional translators for your technical or editorial documents. We have especially high demand for French-English and English-French translation.

Our translators have extensive experience in various business sectors, including nuclear, contracts, finance, architecture, new technologies, video games, websites, software, brochures, telecommunications, transport and logistics, culture and tourism. We can meet all of your language needs.

Optimal translation quality with all documents proofread twice in-house

Connected Language Services has offices in Marseille and Paris, offering high added value translation services for businesses. We work in all technical and business fields. Our translation firm and experienced translators will manage your translation projects in a number of languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and other languages upon request.

We work with you to ensure that our translation is faithful to the source document. Our native language translators always work in pairs. One translator translates the text and the other proofreads and reviews the translation for optimal quality. Our in-house glossary and quality control processes ensure consistency of the terminology used.