Technical French translation

Not all technical French translations are worth what you pay for them. Trust our experienced teams to meet your requirements.

The success of your international development depends on the accuracy of the translation for all your technical or marketing documents and publications. At Connected Language Services, we know that the quality of your technical French translation is an undeniable advantage for your corporate image and credibility.

Not all translations are the same… Trust our team of professionals with years of experience in your field. Technical French translation requires a high level of expertise and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

Technical translation

Connected Language Services’ team of French and English translators are experts in a number of extremely technical sectors.

column_text]The sustainable development and environmental sector is rapidly expanding. We have produced technical translations in French and other languages on topics associated with local development and urban planning, climate change, fisheries management, forestry, wetlands, sustainable tourism, waste management and marine protected areas.

Examples of documents translated:

  • Impact studies
  • Economic valuation of ecosystem services
  • European calls for proposals

Our clients in the environmental sector:

Requirements for technical translation in the field of energy and nuclear power are constantly changing. This sector is home to a number of international partnerships and collaborations. Communication needs to be consistent via highly technical French translation. Our translators have experience in technical translation for conventional power plants (coal), biomass, wind power, solar power and the entire nuclear energy chain (studies, construction, operation, waste management, decommissioning).

Examples of documents translated:

  • Operating or maintenance handbooks
  • Calls for tenders and bids
  • Technical specifications
  • Plant operator training documents
  • Technical product brochures

Our clients in the field of energy and nuclear power:

We take into account the constraints of rail, air and road transport and shipping with a faithful translation based on detailed expertise. The sector has a very specific technical terminology. The transport and supply chain sectors are demanding and require precision due to the many international standards and procedures.
Our translators’ experience and technical knowledge will provide translations for precise and meticulous communication.

Our clients in the field of transport and logistics:

Architectural translations need careful expertise. The sector requires highly technical French translation. Our translation agency has real experience in architecture and urban planning.

Examples of documents translated:

  • Technical specifications
  • Architectural projects
  • Project portfolios

Our clients in the field of architecture and urban planning:

The finance sector is constantly expanding. This ultra-competitive field has its own specific jargon. We offer precise high-quality French translation to support your success, specialising in financial translation for banks, assets management, the stock exchange, accounting, audits and more.

Examples of documents translated:

  • Annual reports / financial reports
  • Reference documents / propectus for listing on the stock exchange
  • Minutes from the Board of Directors / General Assembly
  • Articles of association