Our translation company values

Quality –

We want to create a culture of excellence to meet our clients’ needs and provide the highest quality language services.

Customer satisfaction –

Customer satisfaction is just as important as financial results for gauging company success. We promise to keep the promises we make to our clients, particularly in terms of deadlines.

Valuing our staff – 

We recognise the value of each staff member as a person, not just a “human resource”. Each person has a potential that we seek to develop through support and training in order to optimise our collective performance. Our teams enjoy their work because of excellent working conditions and a great atmosphere, which, in turn, improves their efficiency.

Team work – 

We believe that work carried out by a team is always better than work carried out by an individual as we can pool our skills together. Our production processes involve an entire team of translators. More experienced staff offer special support to new employees.

Rigour –

Each individual is responsible for his or her work and we expect everyone to do their best in order to meet our collective goal of achieving excellence.

Integrity –

We place great importance on honesty in our relationships with clients, suppliers and all third parties.

Social engagement – 

Part of our profits are donated to charity or local associations. We encourage our staff to volunteer in the local community.

Environment –

We purchase environmentally-friendly and fair-trade products.