Marketing translation

The best French-English transation for institutional and marketing texts

Great care must be taken when communicating with your international partners and clients. Your company’s image and reputation are at stake. Our professionals can support you in the translation of your French and English texts. Our team of translators and our internal quality processes quality processes ensure a top-quality translation that reads well.

Marketing translation

Our team provides high-quality translations in all languages, including English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Arabic

Our translators and interpreters regularly work with international bodies and institutions, local authorities and government and non-government agencies. These organisations often work in international cooperation and development. The quality of communication between international partners is one of the keys to a successful collaboration. Our public and semi-public clients regularly praise the quality of our French-English translations and translations into other languages.

Examples of documents translated:

  • Applications in response to European calls for proposals
  • International newsletters
  • Project deliverables (reports, studies, etc.)
  • Meeting or conference reports

Our institutional clients:

The fashion industry is an extremely international environment with specific technical terms, many influenced by English. Fashion translations need to offer clear and direct communication with customers while also respecting the artistic sensibility of the designer. Our translation agency has provided fashion clients with high-quality translations from French into English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Finish and more.

Examples of texts translated:

  • Websites / online catalogues
  • Customer communications (e-mails, text messages, etc.)
  • Workbooks / Lookbooks
  • Sales events

Our clients in fashion:

Translating cultural and artistic texts requires translators to adapt their work to the author’s writing style. An excellent grasp of culture is vital to ensure French-English translation that is faithful to the artist’s intentions.

Examples of texts translated:

  • Press releases
  • Exhibition guides and catalogues
  • Exhibition texts / signs
  • Magazine articles
  • Newsletters

Our clients in culture and the performing arts:

We are witnessing exponential growth in international tourism and the sector is seeking out increasingly professional translations. Effective communication is a way of attracting potential customers and generating interest.
Brochures, flyers and guides are translated by experts in this field to ensure that the message is clear and effective.

Our clients in the tourism sector: