Language stays in England

Have you considered a language stay in England to practice your English in an immersive environment?

Our “Homestay” language trips include room and board at the teacher’s house. You will stay with a native English speaker who will give you English lessons. The teacher will be with you all week, offering their personal touch as you are immersed in a real English family. You’ll have no choice but to speak English!

Various options are available for English lessons: between 15 and 30 hours of private classes. Lessons given during your language stay can be adapted for:

  • Working adults (these stays may be eligible for funding)
  • Secondary school children (10 to 17 years old)
  • Students looking to improve their English
  • Candidates sitting English exams
  • Adults looking for a fun, yet worthwhile, trip to England
  • Parents and their children
  • Senior citizens

Culture and sightseeing in England

Go sightseeing with your host family during your language stay in England. Discover British culture and get to know your host country:

  • Visit London museums and monuments
  • Go shopping on Oxford Street
  • Visit Buckingham Palace
  • Go off the beaten track to discover regions such as the Cotswolds, Cornwall or the Lake Districtz
  • Discover historical university towns like Oxford or Cambridge

Language stays in England are available in partnership with Living Learning English.