Internal quality processes for interpreters

How do we hire interpreters?

We have rigorous recruitment processes for interpreters. We look at their educational background, experience (references) and directly observe their technical skills in real situations to ensure excellence.

Business secrecy

Connected Language Services is committed to maintining total business secrecy.  Its interpreters are also required to keep any information received in non-public meetings secret.


Interpreters only speak when others are speaking and have no other role in the meeting other than the spoken translation of what is said by participants. The opinion of interpreters is never expressed through their translations.


Interpreters are aware that they act as spokesmen and women for the speakers they are translating. They always seek to represent their clients in a worthy manner. Our selection process considers the punctuality, politeness and efficiency of interpreters, who are asked to wear appropriate attire at all times.

Support services

Connected Language Services works alongside our clients when preparing interpreting services. We offer advice, especially concerning technical and logistics requirements. Look at our page on how to prepare a meeting with interpreters to find out more.

Quality of simultaneous interpreting

We aim to provide top-quality translation services. We therefore have a certain number of requirements in place to ensure optimum working conditions.
For simultaneous interpreting, interpreters always work at least in pairs. They regularly switch in order to avoid fatigue, which would lead to a poorer quality translation.

  • Interpreters need clear visibility of speakers
  • Interpreters need to be able to hear everything that is said
  • Regular breaks need to be scheduled throughout the working day

We ask for a maximum number of documents (presentations, programmes, etc.) to be sent in advance so that our interpreters can prepare fully.