English Breakfast - English conversation classes

Only in Marseille! Come practice business English with other professionals in a friendly setting during our breakfast events.

Connected Formation offers conversation classes and breakfast at your offices or at inter-company events we organise.

What are English Breakfast events?

  • Conversation classes that are a far cry from traditional lessons in order to encourage speaking
  • A professional, yet friendly environment
  • A conversational approach to English to help you express yourselves more easily
  • “Business” topics of interest to you
  • Links to your business and activities

Perhaps you want to improve your English but you just don’t have the time… Maybe you want to take English lessons but you’re fed up with the overly academic options available… Or perhaps you just want conversation classes to practice…

English Breakfast by Connected Formation in Marseille is perfect for you!



EUR excl. VAT/per

Price per person and per breakfast
Breakfast length – 1 hour 30 mins
10 breakfasts minimum
Groups start upwards of 4 people

If you’re looking for a more intensive language learning experience, maybe you should consider a language stay in England to practice your English in a fully immersive environment.

séjour linguistique