BULATS, TOEIC and FCE Certification

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In our expert language training centre, we recommend Cambridge University (ESOL) language learning methods and tests, especially the BULATS (Business Language Testing Service) test or FCE (First Certificate in English). Our language lessons prepare our students to take the well-known TOEIC exam (Test of English for International Communication), which is recognised by professionals across the world.


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BULATS (Business Language Testing Service) is a way of testing language skills in English, Spanish, German and French.
The BULATS exam was created by Cambridge ESOL for candidates to assess their skill level in a foreign language within a professional context.

Connected Formation is a Cambridge English-approved BULATS exam centre, in partnership with BULATS agent and test centre, Kangourou Provence. You can therefore prepare and take your BULATS test in our offices in Marseille, on the date that suits you !

The BULATS test requires little preparation and is easy to sit. It lasts just 1 1/2 hours and you can take the exam online in our training room. You cannot fail! The test just shows the candidate’s level according to the European CECRL scale (A1 to C2).

Contact us now to take the BULATS or ask us for a made-to-measure exam preparation package! For example, a traditional BULATS package includes:

  • 30 hours of one-to-one language lessons
  • 30 hours of online modules to prepare to take the test
  • Reading and Listening exam in our offices

Professional language courses in English, French, German and Spanish, validated by a BULATS test are eligible for funding within France.


TOEIC test

Test your English language skills with Marseille-based Connected Formation using the TOEIC test or BULATS test. TOEIC (Test of English International Communication) is a test to check your English skills in a professional environment. It was developed thirty years ago by Princeton University in the USA. TOEIC test scores are used by thousands of companies around the world.

Benefit from our TOEIC packages which include:

  • one-to-one English lessons
  • online modules to prepare to take the test
  • registration to sit the exam in a centre in Marseille or Aix-en-Provence

If you’re a beginner or don’t have much time, take English lessons validated by TOEIC Bridge! It’s the easiest exam with professional recognition.

A TOEIC-validated professional language course may be eligible for funding.

We work in partnership with ETS Global, which develops and distributes these tests.

Other certificates

Students choose the type of test they wish. We can prepare you for any type of test or certificate (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, CLES). Please note that only the DCL (Diplôme de Compétences en Langues) is eligible for funding in languages other than English.