About Us

Connected Language Services is a translation and interpreting firm based in Marseille and managed by Didier Ballandras.

Founded in 2007 by professional translator and interpreter Philip Watterson, Connected Language services is now managed by Didier Ballandras who is an experienced manager. He’s mission is to make Connected Language Services a key language service provider in Marseille and its region.

Connected Language Services has seen constant growth since 2007

The team comprises 6 members of staff. Together they manage translation and interpreting projects. CLS also works with a large network of freelance translators, interpreters and teachers. This network of translators has been carefully chosen to ensure we can ensure translation into a number of languages. Our translators make sure to meet deadlines. Our company mainly provides translation and interpreting services in English, French, German, Spainish, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese and Dutch.

Development of a third service in line with the company's historic activities

Since 2011, our translation and interpreting firm has developed a third service. Professional language teaching has been added to the company’s two historic activities. Connected Formation is a subsidiary wholy owned by Connected Language Services and an official training body, registered with the French authorities. Our subsidiary gives made-to-measure language teaching, adapted to our clients’ technical requirements.

We work with the public and private sector

Our translation and interpreting company and training centre work with public bodies and private companies looking for quality services and quick turnaround times.

We are a valuable partner for companies and bodies looking to boost or improve their international communication.

Make your life easier thanks to our one-stop shop for all your translation, interpreting and language training needs.